Join Us for Endless Possibilities 2.0

When we invented this series We asked ourselves what would be relevant to the creative and marketing community.  Of course, we wanted to get prospects and clients into our facility but we hoped for so much more than that.  We wanted our guests to have fun and say “WOW.”  We wanted to create content that would inspire even the most seasoned professional and send them away excited with what is possible today.

We seem to have accomplished that.  We’re excited to say that we have continued to field questions directly related to the sessions we designed.  We find ourselves immersed in elegant initiatives inspired by the day.  Guests saw things they didn’t know were possible and had little trouble relating what they learned to their own business objectives.

Next month we’ll be putting on Endless Possibilities 2.0.  It will take each of the topics introduced in the first session to a much deeper level.  Guests will see marketing communications automation at work.  We’ll be touching prospects with text messages, email, direct mail and voice recordings customized, on the fly, based on real time responses.  They’ll see Point of Purchase designed, structurally, rendered, decorated, printed and fabricated while they watch.  They’ll be challenged to identify subtle differences in finished products that are expensive and inexpensive to produce.  Finally, they’ll have the opportunity to see what’s possible with robotic laser cutting, stamping, embossing, coated papers, uncoated papers and exotic substrates.

We’re very excited about this series.  We’re grateful to our clients and friends that encouraged us to provide content like this and shared what they felt would be valuable…and we’re thrilled by how the effort has been supported by the market.

Our goal is simple.  We want to see creative take the gloves off and do whatever they can dream up.  The gap between what is possible and what can be imagined is smaller than it has ever been.  We’re excited to see the most creative people in the world experiment and challenge today’s fabulous set of tools.

Come join us October 14th.  The Varsity will be providing the food once again.  The event is a college tailgate theme so wear your school colors and plan to browse the “school tents” for ideas and fun.  Along the way you’ll have a chance to attend some really cool sessions designed to turn your imagination loose.

It’s gonna be great!