Our Services

Bennett Graphics consistently delivers excellence without surprises.

When it comes to holding large amounts of solid ink on a page, Bennett Graphics does exceptional work. Clients who are looking for consistency of brand typically let Bennett Graphics manage the majority of their work, because of their ability to hold color. Densities for example can always run at the same percentages. One printer can also watch out for standard papers being used consistently — anything that worries you in keeping a company’s brand in check.

The quantities that typically are placed here run as low as 1 to as high as 100,000+ depending on the job. Clients print everything from a one-color invitation to a 32-page magazine that’s has six colors and an aqueous coating.

What no surprises means…

It starts with an abundance of pride in the quality of one’s work for each and every one of Bennett Graphics’ employees. Whether it’s in typing an order, making a delivery, running a press, or making a deadline, being the best so it’s seamless to the customer is the utmost priority.

Customers know that when Bennett Graphics commits to a deadline that as long as they have held up to the approval timeframes set for the job, that they will get on-time delivery in all but the rarest circumstances. If there is even a possibility a deadline is too tight for us to make given with what’s in the house already, Bennett Graphics is the first to turn the job down. It’s a trait clients really appreciate.

Because printing is such a complex process with lots of details that can easily go astray, Bennett employees take every step to take the unexpected out of the process for its clients—that’s not only true of deadlines, but also of your end bill. Bennett Graphics strives to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be charged up front. Be weary of quotes that come in really low from other printers as often they’ll try to make it up in alteration charges once the job is in house. Know that everything possible has been done to make sure there are no surprises when it comes to working with Bennett Graphics.