Wall Graphics and Office Decoration

Our client wanted to update the appearance of their office space. Decision makers wanted to reinforce brands, instill pride and inspire creative thought. They wanted graphics that told their story without being a distraction.

Our customer serves a very diverse audience. Employees support consumer brands, healthcare, filtration, industrial cleaning solutions, workplace wearables, automotive and packaging. The wall graphics were expected to communicate their story.

Bennett Graphics worked with client marketing representatives to develop a rolling set of images that addressed inspiration, integrity, manufacturing, history and consumer brands. The site was visited, surveyed and the perfect solution was developed. Wall graphics were produced and installed delivering an end to end story that even the most casual observer could appreciate. Installation took place over a holiday weekend preventing office disruption. Returning employees were greeted with a new look and refreshed office space.

The new decoration was a success. Every visitor and every employee is surrounded by the company message and impressive story. The offices look great too. The digital and robotic workflow used to execute this solution allows for inexpensive and near instant updates. Additional graphics are simple and can be produced on demand.