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Connected is more than a storefront. It’s a lifeline.

Imagine every budget, asset, logo, image, finished good, premium and response data at the tip of your fingers, whenever you need it…wherever you are. Connected connects decision makers to the intelligence they need to do business. Your data, numbers, inventory and soft assets are ready to move at the click of a mouse.
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Connected can provide you with access to instant budgets.

This isn’t a canned pricelist. It’s custom numbers prepared specifically for you. It reflects your specifications, your materials, your SKUs and your business. You can explore your idea, create your own budget and get back to running your business with the proper financial intelligence, in seconds.
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Connected can provide you with visibility of assets you need to run your business.

Imagine durable goods shared across your network of dealers. Your business requires that you know where these items are and have an easy manner of moving them from one dealer to another. In addition, you need to be confident of each item’s condition before each deployment.

Connected provides a dashboard allowing responsible parties to see everything in real time. Managers can see when events are occurring and schedule movement to the next location. The receiving manager can scan the goods upon arrival updating the Connected database and attach a digital tag stating the item’s condition. Connected puts activity managers in the driver’s seat for deployment, replacement and repair.
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Connected also offers a digital storefront or communications/marketing portal.

Approved users can login from anywhere in the world, review templates, upload new images, customize collateral (or POP), view their changes and print on demand. In addition, marketers can schedule activities like direct mail, automated responses and targeted follow up. Data is collected and written to the client dashboard, instantly, allowing managers to make informed decisions.
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Connected protects clients from art submission mistakes too.

The preflight engine compares the file being shared to what was expected or printed previously. It reconciles variances and shares them with the user instantly. Clients have the option to submit the file as is, adjust it themselves or allow Connected to make changes. All of this happens instantly and the new work is delivered to the appropriate device ready to print.
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Connected also manages fulfillment activities.

Clients can view available items regardless of where they are housed. The engine collects requests, sorts each item by location and routes pick and pack instructions to the responsible party. The client dashboard is updated instantly providing updated inventory and item use reports.

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