Labels and Flexible Packaging

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Your vision can be reality. There are endless possibilities.

Labels and packaging convey the personality of your product. They provide an opportunity to be conservative, outrageous, creative and fun. It’s a chance to tell your story at the point of purchase.

Today, marketers have more flexibility than ever. You can see your idea tested with printed samples…in hours. You can experiment with different ideas and see what works. You can add skus and test new products without investing in massive amounts of inventory. You’re free to do what you do, invent great products and concentrate on your business.

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Launching a brand takes courage.

Will it sell? How well?

Will I need to make changes in my packaging?

How much inventory will I need to carry?

Bennett Graphics will help you navigate each of those decisions. Today’s tools make changes and just in time delivery possible. You can have exactly what you need exactly when you need it without compromise or expensive penalty. You can focus on your business rather than labels.

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Always Be Connected

Imagine being connected to answers, assets, budgets and project status with the click of a mouse, from anywhere in the world. Imagine driving activities on the fly, in seconds. Bennett Connected is here to take you there.

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The difference between a glance and a purchase.

Food labels and packaging tell the story of your product and brand. Therefore, it’s crucial to employ attention grabbing graphics along with label materials to enhance your image.

Labels not only have to look great but they have to stick to their containers and perform in the environment they’ll be exposed to, and you can rely on us to help. We’ll handle the technical aspects while you focus on running your business. Whether you need a label for jams, sauces, spices, oils, juices – you name it, Bennett Graphics excels at printing them!

Endless possibilities are available for many products.

Custom industry specific labels certainly look great, as long as the label materials hold up and meet guideline regulations. No worries, we have the experience to know these labels need to withstand elements and conditions that are specific to each product type and environment. We bring expertise in durability and creativity solutions to create custom labels that will exceed your expectations.

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Flexible Packaging

Enhance your ideas and creativity with SensAtional from Bennett Graphics.

What We Believe:

Our work should always impress but never surprise you.

Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it.

It’s our responsibility to stay abreast of trends and make sure you know what works.

Integrity should be something you can count on, not something you hope for.