Do the Impossible


Our client wanted to engage an elegant audience that is also very mature with respect to printing and printing processes. They wanted a piece that set even the most experienced veteran back in his chair. The finished product had to be something the printing world would have argued was impossible.

The message was all about design possibilities and the power of personalization. It was a conference guide that would be expected to outlive the event and inspire attendees to return to their markets and do something special. It had to be outrageous.


Bennett Graphics worked with client designers and printing specialists from around the world to develop a one of a kind solution. The conference guide would be personalized but that was the easy part. The cover would actually be a plastic sleeve that held a unique carton.

The guide passed through 10 states and 2 snowstorms to be printed and delivered on time. Components were produced on different HP devices in different states with perfect precision. The finished item was ultimately completed at Bennett Graphics.

There’s more. The guide included a box. The box art was created using 9 seed files and smart stream mosaic software. The result was 4,500 unique cartons stretching well beyond the expected personalization. Every attendee had a different piece.


Of course the guide was a heart stopper. Attendees couldn’t stop talking about the execution and comparing boxes. The power of printing today was demonstrated in a fashion that could not be ignored.