Every Idea is Potentially Great…Don’t Hold Back

Our client wanted to build an adventure in a box. The goal was to take CPG brand managers on an adventure ending with the discovery of a redesigned package and closure.

They didn’t want to be seen as merely a packaging supplier. They wanted to demonstrate their expertise in marketing and product presentation.

Bennett Graphics worked with client designers to develop a dimensional mailer that revealed its story in stages. It arrived in a corrugated shipper labeled “On the road to adventure.” When the prospect opened the shipper they found a laser cut sleeve with the words “Oh The Places You’ll Go.” The use of white was in stark contrast to the colorful reveal peeking through the laser cut message.

When the sleeve was removed a colorful flap presented an image of the actual package. Raising it revealed a brochure fashioned after an Instagram experience. Flipping through the panels suggested activity after activity where the new package might fit. An active audience was able to visualize the solution in boating, biking, hiking and a host of other applications. A sample of the package, itself, was nested under the brochure in a foam lined cradle.

Results have been spectacular. The dimensional mailer, combined with an email blast, has garnered more than 500 responses from their target audience. Only 72 kits were mailed.

The success of this campaign was ensured before production started. The client had quality data, knew who their market was and was prepared to do something clever. They understood the value of every potential client.

Bennett Graphics was hired to develop the structural design and to work out all of the required engineering. The mailer had to be elegant but it had to survive the mail. It had to start and end clean. The contents had to remain in place ensuring a step by step adventure of discovery for the prospect, wherever they might happen to be. Pieces like this don’t succeed by accident.