The Best Ideas Start with Questions

Our client actually contacted us and requested paper dummies. They wanted ten sets for a client meeting later that week. They were pitching new work and planned to show storyboards and blank bound books so their customer could visualize what they had in mind.

Bennett Graphics asked if the content was ready. It seemed to us that if a storyboard presentation was ready, our client was far enough along to have some of the content in mind. The agency confirmed that this was the case.

Bennett Graphics offered to print ten advance, draft copies so that our client’s client could hold the proposed tabloid in their hands. Seeing the color and turning the pages would give everyone a better feel for what the agency had in mind. The emotional impact was sure to be much stronger

Of course the meeting was a success. The client was swept away and the agency was awarded the work. Everyone was happy and impressed.

Today’s tools make testing available without breaking the bank. Leveraging those resources is what makes a supplier a partner. Bennett Graphics didn’t just print books – we helped our client grow their business. The possibilities today are endless.

The piece went on to win best of category in the Georgia Association printing competition.