Dimensional Graphics and Digital Finishing


Our client wanted to provide an engaging and interactive training tool for their field employees. Everyone needed to be prepared to help prospective clients with marketing resources, technology, food and beverage.

Our customer serves a very diverse audience. Employees are asked to meet all manner of visitor needs without warning, continuously and often in a disruptive fashion. To be effective, the training device had to simulate this business lifestyle and prepare everyone to think on their feet without being reckless.


Bennett Graphics worked with client marketing representatives to develop a game board, case and activity cards. The box and board were converted on a robotic cutting table and the graphics were produced using digital tools. What historically has taken days to build took hours and the project was delivered with no hard tooling or expensive fixed costs.


The employee training was a success. Participation was high because the solution was fun, competitive and engaging. Employees recall answers in the proper context thanks to the innovative solution and repetitive nature of the game.

The digital and robotic workflow used to execute this solution allows for inexpensive and near instant updates to games already living in the field. Also, additional units are inexpensive and can be produced on demand.