Pilot Programs, Design and Prototyping

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Transform your ideas into reality and easily implement pilot programs with Bennett Graphics.

Clients often call and say, “I have several ideas for this direct mail program” or “I think I want a dimensional item (box or package) to deliver this sample or attention getting item.” In these cases, we debrief the client, get our minds around objectives and offer suggestions. Today’s tools make anything possible.

Our best relationships and most successful activities start with a client’s creativity and our ability to be their instrument. That is to say, we are an extension of their creativity. We connect them to resources that enable them to test, prototype and present to clients or review internally with working samples rather than PowerPoint slides.

Let’s Test Your Ideas!

From prototyping and design to pilot programs, Bennett Graphics is ready to help you put your ideas to the test.

If you’re talking direct mail, we make it possible for you to test each design being considered. You can check messages, graphic design, format and special effects for impact. You can carry examples to focus groups, internal review sessions or actually mail to a sample audience. Your imagination is really the only limit.

If your idea or initiative is right for a dimensional item, we’ll create drawings, render it in 3D, apply client graphics and share a virtual prototype. If the idea sparks interest, we’ll point the data to the robotic cutting table and provide a working prototype, in minutes. It might be a box, standee, sweepstakes display, event graphics or even a branded waste container. It can be whatever you visualize.

Take advantage of Bennett Graphics’ proven Test & Learn process:

  1. Engage clients & stakeholders
  2. Identify and confirm goals or objectives
  3. Develop solutions or strategy
  4. Share plan
  5. Evaluate and adjust solution
  6. Test & Prototype
  7. Plan internal workflow & execute

Whatever you envision can be made a reality. The possibilities are limitless.

“We have seen some of the simplest requests evolve into very exciting and elaborate solutions. The creative process is exciting to watch especially when marketers and designers are enabled by resources. The resulting application is always better and the outcomes are what caused the initiative to be put in motion to begin with.”

– Bill Gillespie, VP Sales