Special Effects = Impact for Special Events

Our client planned to host a cocktail party on a clipper ship moored in Boston Harbor. They weren’t worried about attendance. Instead, they were focused on designing an invitation that was in keeping with the elegance of the event. They wanted special effects with class. They wanted variable codes for RSVP. They wanted a delivery that represented their brand but compelled everyone to open the package.

Bennett Graphics worked with client designers to develop a solution that employed special effects and time proven features. The carrier or envelope was printed with white ink on blue stock.

There was a diecut window revealing an illustration of the clipper ship inside. The invitation itself was simple in design. It printed 2 colors. The inviting language was blue but the clipper ship illustration was clear, raised ink. Everything was done digitally allowing for variable tracking codes and the special effects named in one operation.

Of course the event was a success. Attendance was high, the brand elegance was represented and the solution was unique. Everyone was happy and impressed.