Speaking to Potential Students Personally

Our client is a significant, Christian college. They compete with state universities, private and community schools. Every prospect represents substantial tuition and an opportunity to shape a young life. Selecting a school involves more than curriculum. It’s a personal choice full of emotional considerations.

Bennett Graphics worked with client designers to develop variable mailer that considered each prospect as an individual. Gender, suggested field of study, extracurricular interests and timing were identified.

The data was sorted into categories providing the client with a very personal snapshot of each prospective student. More than 30 college counselors were identified and assigned to each name in the database.

Designers prepared images of the different schools, students by gender and campus activities by interests. Personal language was prepared including notes from the assigned counselors. The messages and images were alternated based on data driven decisions creating a very personal and relevant message for everyone.

Results have been spectacular. Campus visits, direct calls to counselors and enrollment have spiked. The results are directly traceable to the intimate way our client touched their audience.

Organizations know more about their audience than they typically leverage. They know who their prospects are, what they look like, have an idea of their interests and understand why they might buy their product or service. Using this information improves results.

These details and expertise are as important as the production itself. Today’s tools make it a simple matter for marketers, school recruiters and advertisers of any fashion to touch their audience in a very personal way. Data driven activities take guessing off the table and allow marketers to talk to prospects at exactly the right time exactly the right way.