Presentation & Reaching the Hard to Reach

Our client makes seasonings and salt substitutes. Companies that process food and specify ingredients can make an enormous difference in sales. Reaching those people and winning their attention is difficult. They’re scattered across the globe and bombarded with requests and “better ideas.”

Bennett Graphics worked with client designers to develop a package that was high impact, delivered the message and commanded attention. A custom box was designed to hold two tins of crackers and a bag of potato chips. Each was made with one of our client’s solutions. The “reduce sodium” value statement was prominent on the shipping container and the inner box shown.

The package was made personal by a letter to the client executive from their specific sales representative. Shipments were made to 19 countries so in addition to being personalized, the ingredients lists, letter and the box itself were produced in the receiver’s specific language. Mastering every detail was critical.

Results have been spectacular. Face to face presentations have been earned and sales for our client have spiked. Tasting is believing and this kit did the trick.

It is no simple matter to ship food into multiple countries. The guidelines, import tariffs and restrictions to what may be imported are unique to every destination. In some cases, kits were required to arrive separate from the food. In other cases, everything had to arrive unassembled requiring the sales rep to complete packaging and delivery.

These details and expertise are as important as the production itself. Every penny of the client investment could have been wasted if the project was intercepted and held by foreign authorities. Bennett Graphics committed itself to researching the requirements and protecting our client from all issues.