Variable Data and Special Effects


Our client wanted to engage an elegant audience and invite them to register for a groundbreaking marketing event. A unique web address would be available providing more information and the opportunity to sign up. Getting the attention of the prospect and moving them to a website was the first goal.

The message was all about design possibilities and the power of personalization. The audience was elite, constantly bombarded with solicitations and generally hard to reach. The direct mail device had to be a standout from end to end and perfectly executed.


Bennett Graphics worked with client designers to develop a multi-piece mailer. There were seven points of personalization including a wafer seal that served as the closure. As a bonus, clear printing was used in a repeat pattern reinforcing the recipient’s name. Four items were collated, matched to the personalized skin, sealed with the personalized wafer and inserted into a clear envelope. The finished product was a heart stopper.


The client’s mailing was a success. Response rates were high and prospect registrations were many times the expected number. The mailer did its job but also set expectations for the event at a very high level. The complexity of design and quality of execution piqued the interest of even the most seasoned marketing executives.