The Possibilities Today Are Endless

Our client wanted a simple solution handled differently. They wanted a modest number of tags and labels for their butt rub. They also wanted materials that were unique and in keeping with their image.

Bennett Graphics tested the label and tag art on multiple substrates. Our client was able to see exactly how every option would look and perform. Stakeholders were able to make informed decisions and were not asked to interpret or guess. Our client chose a wooden tag for their rub. They were printed digitally and delivered only hours after the tests were reviewed. The product was labeled, tagged and delivered quickly.

Of course, the rub was a success. The exotic and innovative tag was a hit along with the product. Everyone was amused, happy and impressed.

Today’s tools make testing like this an easy request. Leveraging those resources is what makes a supplier a partner. The possibilities today are endless. The copywriting, label and tag made the rub too inviting to ignore.