Every Idea is Potentially Great…Don’t Hold Back

Our client approached us in search of a simple solution to hold patient retainers. They wanted something they could write on, store easily and assemble on demand. They also wanted natural materials. Finally, they wanted “Made in America.”

Bennett Graphics designed the package shown around sample retainers. Different substrates were tested and dozens of ideas for assembly were vetted. Our client received working models for review and challenged their staff to assemble and load each option.

In the end, heavy corrugate and a digitally printed binder were selected. Everything is produced without the use of hard tooling and the finishing is totally robotic. The solution is “produce on demand” so our client has avoided any sort of inventory liability.

The retainer box is a huge success. The innovative design and materials used make this a personal solution that isn’t seen on every dental corner. The just in time production workflow doesn’t tie up cash or valuable space for our client.

Today’s tools make almost anything possible. Our client was able to narrow their choices from animated drawings and their final decision from working samples. The anxiety that goes with guessing was not an issue.