Variable Data and Variable Imaging Improve Results


Our client is a technology company that helps businesses maintain a clean and accurate web presence. Prospects visit a website and enter their own URL for a report. Instantly their solution crawls over the web, locates and reports the number of errors. For a fee, they will notify the search engines and correct the mistakes.

A significant number of visitors clicked out at the payment stage. For whatever reason, businesses hesitated to enter credit card data and engage our client for services. The prospect data was collected and the report summary was shared. However, prospects stopped short of payment and correcting errors.


Bennett Graphics worked with client designers to develop a series of highly personalized, targeted mailers. Prospects would receive a reminder of their specific error count and the engines that got it wrong. Multiple designs were tested to confirm what language and what graphics delivered the best result. The mailers were laser beam focused, timely and well designed. In addition, the printed follow up added credibility to the offer of services.


The client’s mailing was a success. Response rates were high and conversions made the cost of mailing invisible. “It was like printing money as the revenue exceeded the investment by a large margin.” Less effective designs were retired and subsequent mailings focused on the design and messaging that worked.