Packaging and Positioning = Explosive Sales Growth


Our client makes vodka from sugar cane in the Hawaiian Islands. As exotic as that might sound, sales were anemic. Winning shelf space in the highly competitive world of spirits is not automatic regardless of your story. Mainland sales were almost nonexistent.


Client marketing determined that the story was being poorly told. They made changes to the packaging and completely redesigned their bottle. They emphasized their ecofriendly production methods and strongly touted their water source which is deep ocean mineral water. Everything about the look and feel of their brand was repositioned.

Next came delivery of the message. Bennett Graphics was hired to create and produce a natural material package. The client had decided on a “survivor or castaway” theme so the external container was simple. Structural design worked to develop a series of decks and spacers from heavy corrugate to hold a sample, coconut, soccer ball and survival guide. The finished kits were sent to journalists. Everything had to arrive intact and professionally presented.


Results have been off the charts. Year to date case sales are more than ten times all of last year. The unique packaging is being viewed and awarded all over the world. This small and previously obscure brand is being noticed by distributors, retailers and consumers in record numbers.