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Above & Beyond

We need to go beyond ourselves to sustain…well…ourselves over the course of time.  In other words, we can only achieve success by stepping out and going beyond our selfish needs and serving others. Being a safe choice for our clients and elevating the lives of others is the purest form of enrichment.  Our businesses must […]

The Future Is Now!

Automation has disrupted a great deal of the manufacturing world.  That’s a fairly obvious trend.  But what may be a little less clear is that automation is already upending the “knowledge economy,” too.  A recent study by McKinsey Global Institute looked at seven categories of high-end knowledge workers – doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, teachers etc. […]

Vanity Matters

Scott Stratten, bestselling author of “Unmarketing” recently told a story during the United Marketing Conference in Nashville, Tenn., about metrics that really matter.  The general gist was that many of the metrics of a video he created were not only misleading, but distracting from what really mattered. Stratten saw remarkable click rates, views and “likes.”  […]

The Wrong Question!

Change has been the topic of conversation within the business community for decades. In May 2005, the Harvard Business Review cited the need for a radical departure from traditional thinking. According to the article, “Your Company’s Secret Change Agent,” while isolated success strategies can be brought into the mainstream, doing so requires a departure from […]

The Buzz

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a concept that has received a great deal of buzz from the marketing world. As you know, ABM is part of a 1:1 process that has replaced mass marketing.  Specifically, organizations now are trying to sell more solutions to once customer at a time. As markets become more competitive, clients […]

Fish or Cut Bait!

According to the Winterbury Group, almost half ($27.3 billion) of the $59.5 billion spent in digital advertising in 2015 was dedicated to search engine marketing. Another $24.9 billion was spent on display advertising, which means that over $52 billion of the total spend was used on vehicles that don’t necessarily conjure up images of high […]