Climate Change

While many have said that the recession is over, that doesn’t mean that the recovery will be spectacular. In fact, there will be nothing fair about the recovery ahead. To the contrary, it will heartlessly divide those who are prepared for a transformed world and those who are not.

While each of us is worried about a host of things, the biggest concerns are normally centered on our ability to increase sales. We wonder where our next sale will come from and whether or not we will have anything of value in the future.

The gist is that our economy gained strength in 2014 regardless of the economic roller coaster we have seen in recent days. But even among the greatest marketers, there is widespread unease that margins are wafer-thin. If we take our eye off that key account, even for a moment, it might be gone. Get a little careless with costs and profitability could take a hit. Think for a minute that you have it all figured out and you may quickly learn otherwise.

In Epicomm’s recent “Printing Business Conditions” survey, marketing services executives say the future of print will be targeted. In other words, they believe that customized content delivers unique value and allows you to connect more deeply with your clients. And the more you connect with them, the more resistance there is to drop you as a provider.

So while the economic climate is in a constant state of change, great marketers understand they must stay remarkably in tune with their communities. They realize that if the rate of change on the outside is greater than the rate of change on the inside, they are in trouble.

As we continue to preach about going deeper with our clients we need to give thought to how we stand out as a brand. We also have to protect our brand and its reputation.

So, while the recession may be over, the recovery will not be a rising tide that raises all boats. We need to focus on our clients and remain open to the changes that inevitably lie ahead.

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  1. Bill Gillespie
    Bill Gillespie says:

    Fantastic observations David and spot on. We really have to focus on why clients spend rather than what they spend on. Their objectives have to be our objectives.

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