The “Slow Fix”

Everyone wants a quick fix in business these days.  We need leads right away.  We want sales results now.  We need to have a positive ROI on specific marketing activities.  If the quick fix doesn’t happen, heads will roll.  Budget will be cut.  In general, it seems like we can tolerate a little pain, but not for very long.

There really is no standard recipe for how companies can win now.  If we had the answer or proverbial “quick fix,” it wouldn’t be a secret for very long.  The facts are that iconic brands stand the test of time.  They endure because they’re willing to put forth the effort to build a relationship with their community, even if it doesn’t pay off in the short term.

Great relationships are born out of trust.  They are built to endure the toughest challenges.  They can take the pain in the short term in order to realize long-term prosperity.

The most compelling marketers are not looking for quick fixes.  They are working feverishly to be a part of people’s lives.  They realize that we have an irreducible need to belong.  In turn, being present within their target community increases the chance their brand will be loved.

So, with a nod to the quick fix gurus out there, we suggest the “slow fix.”  This is the kind of fix where collecting and acting on client feedback is sincere.  The kind of fix where we cultivate flexibility and adaptability.  The fix where we create a culture of innovation.  The fix where we identify and correct internal barriers to our profitable growth.

Slow and steady does the trick…better!