Gut Feeling?

The gut feeling is something we have all had at different times in our lives. Typically though, it is not some sort of “out of the blue” feeling or random spark of genius that provides this sudden inspiration. No, while we call it a “gut feeling” the reality is that it comes from something that probably took a lot of time, effort and pain.

Gut feelings don’t just show up unannounced. You must be extremely connected to your endeavor and have a great understanding of your environment. In fact, it is most likely not the gut that provides you with the insight to make a decision, but the way in which you sense things.

We can go through the facts about why print is such an amazing mechanism. Print affords you more time with your clients. It has a staying power that the digital world cannot match. However, most importantly, you can touch it, and when we touch something, we start to connect with it.

If you want your clients to connect more to your world and vice versa, print offers you the chance. Using print takes a bit more time, but anything worthwhile must be nurtured. Hence, your understanding and gut feel for your marketplace is likely to be your most worthwhile endeavor.

Our next issue of Connect Magazine will include a cover feature “Drilling Down.” It explores the importance of market research in today’s business climate and why you can’t afford to build a mousetrap without knowing if there are any mice. Using proper research techniques will deepen your feel and delineate you from the competition.

Our second feature is “Following Instinct.” In this article we delve into the intricacies of what forms your intuition and how you should make decisions based on your experience, your knowledge and maybe a little bit of your gut instinct too.

In addition, the next issue includes a survey which reveals that print publications are among the key ways companies attract buyers. We invite you to enjoy the information and use your own instincts.

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